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Recruitment information


Aiming to become a company that further refines its technological capabilities
We are looking for people to work with us.

Our goal is to "deliver delicious tuna at a reasonable price."


Our policy is to deliver quality tuna to our customers safely and securely at a reasonable price.

We also provide an environment where you can work for a long time with peace of mind while building solid relationships of trust with our customers.


We hope you will work with us with pride and fulfillment in the logistics industry, where we can contribute to enriching people's lives in Japan.

Of course, we give consideration to those with experience so that they can demonstrate their abilities to the fullest, and we have a comprehensive training system for those with no experience, so that they are ready to start work with peace of mind.

Let's deliver ``tuna'', one of the representative ingredients of Japanese food culture, to dining tables and restaurants across the country according to customer requests.

Jobs currently recruiting

Market operations staff
(full-time employee)

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Market operations staff
(part-time job)

Screenshot 2022-05-31 11.02.07.jpg

General office staff
(part-time job)

woman at laptop

Account office staff
(part-time job)


Application Requirements

Would you like to work with Hicho Co., Ltd., which specializes in tuna and is one of the top companies in the industry?
This store has everything you need about tuna, and you can experience work on a large scale.

Market operations staff (full-time employees)


job description

[Product packing work]

You will be responsible for sorting and packaging the dissected tuna.You can learn how to handle and process fish, and how to judge fish.

*Once you get used to it, you can even use a tuna knife...!

[Transportation work]

We pick up tuna purchased at auctions and transport products purchased by customers to the parking lot within the market.It is transported using a special vehicle called a ``tale''.There are two main operations, but the operations within the market are diverse, soIf there's something you want to master, I'll leave the work to you!

Monthly salary from 300,000 yen

Transportation expenses: Fully paid

*Gasoline expenses also provided

[Estimated salary]

・No experience to 3rd year: annual income of approximately 4 million yen (new graduate/second graduate)

・3rd year ~: Annual income of 4 million to 8 million yen

*For those mid-career (changed job), the decision will be made based on experience, skills, and salary from previous job.

[About salary increase system]

・Employment type: Full-time employee

・Salary increase: 2% to 3%

・Number of times: Once a year

・Reflection period: Accounting month, reflected from the following month's salary

* Separate salary increase → Evaluation method: Work attitude, work mastery level


4:00-13:00 (closed 1 hour)

Working hours

Wednesday, Sunday, Holidays

*According to market opening days (Monday to Saturday)

*Closed on Wednesdays


6-5-1 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Toyosu Market

Work location

Fully equipped with social insurance | Transportation expenses fully paid | Dormitory available | Meal subsidy system (lunch box provided) | Salary increase system | Paid leave available | Pre- and post-natal leave available | Parental leave | Retirement allowance system | Overtime work allowance | Fixed late-night allowance | Uniforms and boots provided | Side jobs OK | Commuting by bike OK (parking fee provided) | Commuting by car negotiable

[Support the Kamigyo group! ]

We have a company dormitory within a 10-minute commute by bicycle.

In addition, lunch boxes are provided under the meal subsidy system.

There is a culture of supporting Kamigyo-gumi!


peace of mindandstablebut,
Support your lifestyle


Extensive training period for new employees


We provide full support so that workers can start with peace of mind and confidence. There is ample training period for new employees, so they can learn the job well and get off to a smooth start.


A corporate culture that nurtures generations


We have a company culture in which newcomers can ask their seniors if there is something they don't understand, and everyone, both experienced and inexperienced, is kindly taught. We are also proud of the fact that we are such good friends.


Initiatives to prevent accidents


We are working on safety education. We also actively carry out regular safety awareness activities as a company-wide initiative.


stable job


Hicho has a history of 161 years, and is supported by many customers, and our work is stable due to our solid track record and strong relationships of trust.

Market operations staff
Main job contentand1 day work flow





Coming to work/roll call/preparation

Preparation for opening/equipment inspection

​Order check


Processing work

(Raw tuna/frozen tuna)

Screenshot 2022-05-31 11.06.19.png


Shipping work




Delivery/shipping work


Office work/slip processing





Equipment inspection

Stock check

​Mechanical equipment/store cleaning

Screenshot 2022-05-31 11.04.36.png


Q1. Is it possible for new graduates and second year graduates to apply?  

A1. You can apply if you meet the application qualifications.


Q2.Are there any restrictions on application, such as age, educational background, gender, etc.?
A2. Anyone who is 18 years of age or older and meets the application requirements can apply.

Q3. Is it possible to apply from someone with no experience (or from a different industry)?
A3. Our company actively accepts applications from people with no prior experience or from different industries.
Among our current staff, there are many seniors who started out with no experience from other industries.

Q4. I live in a rural area...
A4. We currently do not support web interviews, but we can accommodate schedules such as wanting to have an interview when you come to Tokyo. Please feel free to contact our recruitment staff.

Q5. How many days does the selection process take?
A5. The maximum time is approximately 1 month.
The number of interviews during this period will be 1-2 times. For details, please contact the recruitment department.

Q6. Please tell me the days and times when interviews are available.
A6. Interviews are available on the morning of the opening day of Toyosu Market.
For the schedule, please see the "Closed Market Calendar".

Q7. I have applied in the past, is it possible to reapply?
A7. We also accept re-applications from those who have previously applied. Please do not hesitate to apply.

Q8. How is the selection process?
A8. First, we will conduct a document screening based on your work history and resume.
After that, we will have one or two interviews.

Q9. Do you hire people with disabilities?
A9. Yes. For details, please contact the recruitment department.

Q10. What kind of training and treatment are provided after joining the company?
A10. Our company has a trial period of 3 months.
There will be no changes to salary or benefits during this period.


スクリーンショット 2022-05-31 10.48.06.png

To all family members

Our company, which specializes in tuna wholesale, is looking for staff to work with us.
Because we have more than 500 business partners and are confident in our quality, you will be able to acquire the skills of discerning fish, and as you work, you will be able to hone your specialized techniques for fish.
It's a great job where you can build trusting relationships with everyone involved with our company, communicate with customers, provide better products, and build relationships of trust as individuals.

We look forward to your continued support of Hicho Co., Ltd.




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