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For first time customers

For first-time customers

We will respond with our proud responsiveness.

Hicho Co., Ltd. operates an intermediate wholesaler of tuna at Toyosu Market.
We offer a wide variety of products, including fresh tuna and other processed products.
Another strength is that we have a track record of dealing with a variety of restaurants, including sushi restaurants, izakayas, and Japanese restaurants.
Based on our solid discerning skills and the relationships of trust we have built, we will identify and prepare products that are suitable for each customer.

We will respond head-on to the concerns of restaurants.

At Hicho, we have built relationships with a variety of customers because we value relationships between people.

One of our commitments is to maintain communication with the customers who actually wholesale the tuna, and to make sure that the quality is appropriate.

In addition to this accumulated experience, we have separate specialized teams for each tuna product, which allows us to provide specialized proposals that meet our customers' needs.We also accept inquiries regarding shipping, processing, and lot numbers, so please feel free to contact us.

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Commitment to quality

High quality tuna at a reasonable price

If you are looking for high-quality tuna, such as a high-end restaurant that often serves customers who are particular about taste.

At Hicho, we have a long track record of working in high-end Japanese restaurants and high-end Japanese restaurants in foreign hotels, and we are confident that we can meet the needs of customers who seek quality. We carefully assess the condition of tuna, which changes daily, and deliver the best tuna without worrying about the production area or season.

​Please tell us about your particular taste.

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Proposal within your budget

fits your set budget

​ Optimal proposal

At Hicho, we value communication with our customers the most.

If you have a predetermined budget, please feel free to contact us. We will make the best proposal that fits your budget based on our many years of experience and track record, as well as a wide variety of purchasing routes.

​We will respond flexibly, so please feel free to contact us.



Delivered from abundant production areas

Tuna from all over the world

​ Gather at the gutter

Hicho has a 161-year history as a wholesaler specializing in tuna.

We purchase tuna from a variety of production areas using our experience backed by a long history, our discerning skills, and our purchasing network.

With our extensive information and purchasing network, we will provide tuna that meets your needs.

​Please feel free to contact us.

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Pay attention to the season

tailored to the season

​Providing the best tuna

Tuna also has different seasons. In order to purchase delicious tuna, experience and discerning skills are required to select the best tuna at the time, taking into account the season, climate, and characteristics of tuna from production areas around the world.

​ At Hicho, a wholesaler specializing in tuna, we will make seasonal proposals that meet the needs of our customers each season, based on the experience and track record we have cultivated over many years. Please feel free to contact us.

Nationwide delivery also available

truck driving on highway

Don't worry if you are coming from far away.
Purchased products can be delivered nationwide by courier.

We also have our own flights
​ Route delivery also available

Fully equipped with refrigerated truck

​ Hicho's own flights are equipped with refrigerated vehicles. The products you order will be delivered under strict temperature control.

Hicho also offers delivery via our own courier service. If you are in the suburbs of Tokyo and on the route, we can quickly deliver to each area without being restricted by time. Please feel free to contact us.

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