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The gutter's commitment

Hicho's commitment

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161 years of dedication! Tuna intermediate wholesaler

The tuna we are targeting is the tuna we deliver to our customers. With this mindset, we have further refined our tuna connoisseurship and use reliable techniques to deliver excellent tuna.


Because we are particular about only tuna, we at Hicho are able to fully meet the needs of our customers, and we at Hicho will continue to refine our skills as a tuna specialist group.


As an intermediary wholesaler specializing in tuna, we use our cultivated eyes (connoisseurs), ears (information), and senses (experience) to carefully examine and provide reliable products.


Hicho has been specializing in tuna wholesale for 161 years, and has been nurtured by many customers. We will continue to cherish our relationship.

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safe and secure! quality management

We handle our products under a thorough quality control system so that our customers can use them with peace of mind. We have a solid system in place to ensure that the tuna is carefully selected by professionals and handled safely and securely.


​In order to properly control the quality of tuna, Hicho uses the highest level of equipment. Periodic maintenance is carried out by an external specialized organization.


In addition to cleaning checks, we have established an in-house system to constantly check for damage to equipment and the risk of contamination with foreign objects.


We conduct regular hygiene meetings with all Gutter employees, share information for safety management in real time, and work in a perfect system.

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On-site first-class service spirit

The tuna we handle is the tuna that our customers are looking for. To achieve this, the most important thing is to judge the rapidly changing situation on-site and to interact with customers. Hicho will continue to refine his services with a thorough on-site approach.

always dialogue

At Hicho, we place the utmost importance on communication with our customers on-site, and what our customers want is the source of our services.

customer perspective

Hicho always looks at the customer's perspective, always asking questions about the situations in which customers handle products, and what he can do to help them.

information power

In order to accurately deliver the products that customers want, we need not only purchasing but also information about tuna.

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Technical capabilities

If you need to determine the condition of the tuna you have purchased, we will use our reliable technology to deliver tuna that will satisfy you. Our mission is to always deliver our products with emotion, so that each action and thought is conveyed to the person who eats them.

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