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Video of gutter technology

Technology introduction seen in the video


I enter the auction hall with the idea that I have a customer and they say, ``I want to buy from the gutter.''

The idea of ``selecting what customers want with a discerning eye'' will improve our discerning skills. Therein lies our firm belief in business.

We will deliver it as a product using reliable technology. Every action and thought we make is transmitted to the person who eats it. Our mission is to always deliver our products to our customers with passion in mind.

Tuna wholesaler

hone your skills

Freshness and quality are key
raw tuna

All the fish we collect from all over the country are ordered by our customers. We sort the products according to the customer's requests, carefully pack them, and deliver them to the customer.

butchering of tuna

Raw tuna processing

Key points are stable supply, price, and ease of handling.
frozen tuna

Flash freezing locks in freshness and deliciousness. The appearance and taste remain the same as they were when frozen, and can be recreated when thawed. Since pelagic tuna is frozen within a few hours of being caught, it maintains its freshness and taste. Flash freezing technology not only allows us to meet the demand for tuna overseas, but also allows us to deliver high-quality, delicious tuna to anywhere in the world, no matter how far away.

Pre-processing of frozen tuna


Processing of frozen tuna

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