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Hutter policy

Hicho's policy

Hicho Co., Ltd. is an intermediate wholesaler specializing in tuna.
Since our establishment in Nihonbashi, we have been in business for over 160 years and have a proven track record. In addition, with the passage of time, the store has moved from Nihonbashi to Tsukiji Market, and is currently located in Toyosu Market.
Because we are a long-established wholesaler, we have done business with over 500 companies so far.
This is all because people have trusted us, and we are constantly working hard to live up to that trust.
With our motto of ``reliable quality at a fair price,'' we deliver the products you desire with our reliable discernment.
With this in mind, we will continue to sell products that are close to our customers.

To continue being chosen

corporate policy

code of conduct

◆Customer perspective

Our basic policy is to provide safe and reliable fresh products to our customers.

◆Implementation of appropriate hygiene management and quality control

We are aware that we are involved in work that has a significant impact on the maintenance and enjoyment of people's lives and health, and in order to provide safe and reliable fresh products to our customers, we have established the necessary systems and implemented appropriate hygiene and quality control. To do.

◆Compliance with laws and regulations

We will respond to changes in the surrounding environment, comply with laws and internal regulations, and conduct business activities in accordance with social ethics.

◆ Thorough collection and communication of appropriate information

In order to ensure customer trust and satisfaction, we will collect and manage necessary information and communicate it honestly.

top message

I enter the auction hall with the idea that I have a customer and they say, ``I want to buy from the gutter.''
The idea of ``selecting what customers want with a discerning eye'' will improve our discerning skills. Therein lies our firm belief in business.
We will deliver it as a product using reliable technology. Every action and thought we make is transmitted to the person who eats it. Our mission is to always deliver our products to our customers with passion in mind.

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Hicho Co., Ltd.

​Representative Director and President

Iida Tochiro

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